The UKVA Management Committee

Keep coming back for more info and posts about what’s happening in the UKVA Management Committee, which meets regularly to discuss an ongoing work programme that includes Regulation, Member Services, Marketing and Communications and Pesticides to name but some of the issues we are tackling.

The various Sub-Groups meet or Skype regularly to look at key issues such as Brexit (imminent announcement) and changes that could improve the national competition.  One of the key pieces of work about to be delivered is a new online PDO/PGI/VAR Wine Scheme webform. This will simplify the process and deliver time and cost savings for the UKVA.   The Management then brings these work areas and threads together and seeks ways to deliver them within the resources of the UKVA.

The Management Committee is the backbone of the UKVA – the engine and the delivery mechanism that supports the CEO and General Secretary.  Volunteer run and effective, its skilled participants are drawn from all over the UK and various areas of expertise.  It is Chaired by Peter Gladwin, Vice Chair of the UKVA.  From time-to-time we seek help from others who have particular expertise, such as those with an IT background, or areas of law and finance to help deliver specific areas of work.  If you’d like to help, or feel you have something to offer then we’d be glad to hear from you.

Please email Barry as a first port of call.


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