UKVA Launches New Website!

New UKVA website, events page and office
The UKVA is pleased to announce that we have launched our new website. Our old website stood us well for years, being a first port of call for many, including people planting or thinking of planting a vineyard. However, there was a clear need for a more functional, fresher, brighter look to reflect the many changes that the organisation has undergone in recent times. The new logo and its colour scheme has been integrated into the new website too, adding to its freshness. Please see
 Jo, your General Secretary has been working hard with the web developer (Britweb) and designer, Lila Hunnisett, over several months with input from the UKVA Management Committee working groups to develop the content and to get the look and feel of it right.

And of course, we thank you for the photos donated by members, which have made a great impact on the website!

Critically, the new website reflects the UKVA’s role in the bright renaissance that English wine, particularly English sparkling wine is currently undergoing, and our role in providing advice, services and talking to government.  
 The new website is easier to navigate, has full mobile functionality (see image here) and will have capacity to grow and bolt-on new functions and services. To sign up for the UKVA newsletter please click here .

 There will soon be a great members area, which will answer most of the needs of our membership and it will allow you the member to play a part in shaping and developing the industry body and to have a say in our conversations with other relevant organisations and government. For example many of you have taken part in our Brexit consultation, which has helped us to shape our views on this critical issue and there will be further opportunities to do similar consultations on issues that matter to the membership via our website.

A new monthly newsletter will be a feature of the website and will be emailed out to member subscribers to keep them up to date. And of course there are new social media channels to sign up to as well, on Twitter you can get updates from me as @UKVAChief and on Facebook you can like our page UK Vineyards Association (or UKVineyardsAssociation). We will keep you updated on new channels to get information in due course. And of course the Grape Press will still provide traditional paper and print news and we will endeavour to reach out in additional paper newsletters from time-to-time.
The website has just gone live, there is still a little tidying up to do here and there and new features will be added over the weeks and months so it will continually develop and grow to deliver for our members. For example, our PDO/PGI Varietal wine scheme processes will be done online soon, saving time, costs and streamlining and simplify the process.
The website will also help us to develop relevant targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities to generate income that will further develop our work in all kinds of areas from improved member services to training and research opportunities. These are vital things that require the UKVA to have a new public facing website that reflects the aspirations of the industry. 
The website is a key milestone in transforming the UKVA into being a more relevant and hard working body for its members and will do much to help attract new members. We hope you like it and we very much welcome feedback and comments from our members.

 The new website links to the EWP website and all UKVA members can post their events and news stories (especially with Christmas coming!). Email these directly to

New office

 In other news the UKVA Council strongly supported the Management Committees recommendation to take up the Worshipful Company of Vintners kind offer of a discounted London office in Vintners Hall. This will provide us with a prestigious address, closely linked to the international wine industry and provide the UKVA committees and members with a London address to hold meetings and hot-desk. We hope that the membership will find this a useful resource. Further details will be available in due course.


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