Brexit: UKVA & EWP Joint Position

Ministers and officials at DEFRA and the Department for Exiting the European Union have now received the joint UKVA and EWP Brexit position document.  Working together, our two organisations have developed and authored this document in consultation with our members and input from the Management Committee and others.

The comments and input of all our members who took part in the consultation last year was considered and drawn into this important document by Dominic Buckwell on behalf of the UKVA and Simon Robinson, on behalf of the EWP.   This is by no means a definitive statement but more of a starting point and sets out our stall for the discussions we will have over the coming months and years with DEFRA and other government departments.

The document covers areas like:

  1. Customs, Tariffs, Excise Duty & Free Trade Agreements
  2. Availability of Casual and Semi-Skilled Labour
  3. Subsidies and Grants
  4. Geographical Indications
  5. Additives
  6. Pesticides & Herbicides
  7. Planting Rights
  8. Record Keeping

As discussions open up, evolve and develop there will be further opportunities for members to have their say and shape the debate.  Areas, which have seen recent debate on the members forum, such as the use of “British” to describe our wines, will have a particular relevance in this developing conversation.  This is a topic I will be writing a blog post on soon in fact.

The document can be downloaded from the link below and remember there are comments that can be made on this page.




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