PDO and PGI Wine Scheme Changes

With effect from next Monday 13th March the fees for PGI and PDO wine scheme applications are increasing and there is a small simplification of the application process. The changes better reflect the administration costs for the scheme and VAT. These changes are detailed below:
Fees per application:
Administration fee:    increases from £15.00 to £20.00 + VAT (£24.00)
Post-bottling Analysis fee:    increases from £62.00 + VAT to £67.00 + VAT (£80.40)
No-fault Tasting fee:    increases from £20.00 + VAT to £22.00 + VAT (£26.40)
Process Change:
Currently the Admin fee is payable direct to the UKVA with the other fees payable to Campden BRI. In future Campden BRI will be collecting the Admin fee on behalf of the UKVA and so all fees will be payable to Campden BRI.
To summarise the process which should be followed from Monday 13th March:
PGI and PDO applications:
1. Complete the relevant form and send it to ‘winescheme@ukva.org.uk’ or by post to the usual address
2. The form will be checked and an application number allocated.
3. On receipt of the application number, a copy of the form, the payment (all fees), any other required documentation and the samples should be sent to Campden BRI at the usual address.
4. On completion of the process a VAT invoice will be issued by Campden BRI for the full amount paid.
Varietal Wine Certification:
There is no change to this process. The completed form should be sent with payment to Jo Cowederoy at the UKVA.
Future Changes:
The scheme is in the early stages of the process of becoming an online one and further details will be provided in due course.

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