UK Wine Awards: A New National Competition


 The UKVA has been working on taking the industry’s national competition forward, to make it more outward-facing, create more PR and attract more media attention.

 The changes have been formulated after consultation and agreement by our Competition working group, the UKVA’s Communications and Marketing Coordination Group, UKVA Management Committee and Council.

 Thanks to all of you who participated in the consultation through formal responses, individual emails, participation in regional discussions and responses, as those involved in the industry or in judging and running the competition to date.

 The aim is also to make the competition more inclusive and attractive to all sectors of the industry from the smallest to the largest.  At the heart of the competition is a well-structured evaluation of the wines entered, involving judges who come from all walks of the wine trade – from retailers to sommeliers, wine trade experts with experience in English wines.

 The key changes to the competition include:

·         Dropping the small/large producer categories and qualifications

·         A change in some of the classes, to make the categories more outward-facing

·         One flat fee for all entries (£55 for UKVA members and £150 for non-members)

·         Dropping the MW-only requirement for judges

·         Moving the judging dates forward to May, in order to maximize on the PR opportunities earlier in the summer

·         Moving the judging to London

·         Creating Wine of the Year trophies for Still and Sparkling Wine of the Year (ie there will no longer be one Wine of the Year)

·         All entries to be accompanied by a declaration that the wines have been made to minimum standards required under current PGI regulations and to be accompanied by a post bottling analysis (or PDO/PGI number).  There will be random sample checks

 We are talking to some high-profile sponsors and will update you in due course.

 The full details are available  (and see link below) including details of the consultation results, and members will be contacted shortly with further details on entry.  We do hope that you will participate in this year’s new competition!